Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Breakfast 2 and Flash Forward

Good morning breakfast eaters.  How did you start your day to day?  With a healthy breakfast I hear you all holler.  Well day 2 of the breakfast picture challenge saw me eating another of my favourite things.  A wrap, yep a wholemeal wrap filled with egg, basil, tomato and bacon.  A piping hot cup of black sweet tea and of course the paper.  Nothing terribly exciting happening in this part of the world, what about you guys?
Hey listen I have been watching Flash Forward the last two weeks.  It's probably old news in your neck of the woods, but it only started here a fortnight ago.  What an interesting concept.  To see for 2 minutes 6 months into the future.  What would you do with that information.  Take out the destruction factor, because if you haven't seen this or have no clue what I am talking about, the entire population of the world losing consciousness for 2mins as to have a down side.  But if it didn't and mass deaths and disaster didn't occur for us to see the future for just a few minutes, what would that do to us?  I really don't think I would want to know where and what will be going on 6 months from now for me.  When I think back 6 months ago the 6th April, everything was rosy.  We were about 3 weeks away from flying off on what was to be the trip of a lifetime.  7 days in London, a 21 day tour of Europe, starting in Amsterdaam and ending in Paris, 2 extra days in Paris and a couple in Bangkok on the way home.  What could be more perfect?  Unfortunately things don't always go to plan and if I had known what would happen to our family not long after that, I really don't think I could have borne it.  So seeing into the future well I always thought that would be so much fun, but reality is it wouldn't.  Not for me anyway.  So ths show explores this, I think it will end up being some conspiracy theory thing, you know, government experiment, terrorist attack, something like that, but at the moment it's kind of interesting.  So my eye is getting a little better, crossing fingers for Friday to be much better.  Really looking forward to the weekend away with my girls.  Off to do some crafty things and sort out the 1000's of photos on my computer and get discs burnt, housework what;s that.


  1. I haven't seen flash forward yet!! I meant to watch the re run of the first episode but forgot. I agree with you. I don't want to see into my future, it would only stress me out regardless of what I saw.

    Woops, that reminds me I was meant to watch the new series of "Lie to Me" tonight.

    For breakfast I love cereal, yoghurt and fruit.

  2. Hi , you know I would not want to know, thats why I am a big believer in living in the day. Years ago I had my cards read and was told that something dreadful was going to happen to me in the January, so about 3 months passed, january came and I was a wreck the whole month, nothing dreadful happened other than feeling uneasy every day. I have not watched the show. I might now check it out. Hope you are well. your breakfast looks fab! hope your eye is well, not sure what happened, but prayeres are with you.


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