Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a Difference A Day Makes

Most of Australia was blanketed in red dust yesterday.  Sydney woke to blood red skies and visibility of less then 500 mtrs.  Here in Toowoomba we had visibility for a part of the day of less than 50 mtrs.  I hadn't turned on the television all day so I had no idea that the red glow in the sky was top soil being blown in from the centre of Asutralia and was disrupting air travel with Sydney airport closed and flights cancelled.  I took a couple of shots for another project and then this morning took one the same.  What a difference a day makes.  The red sky now blue.  They say we will have more dust today but nothing like yesterday, I hop that's true.  I swept off my pergola this morning and swept a small mound well not that small really of dirt onto the grass.  I'm going out now to hose down the screens, the windows and well everything I can.  This really tells a story of just how drought effected we are here in Queensland and throughout Australia.


  1. Sorry to hear how dry it is there, here is hoping for more blue skies. Take care. c

  2. It missed Melbourne all together. I am surprised how far the dust spread though.

    PS: I'm sending you an email shortly.

  3. I saw this story on the news and thought of all my blog friends like you in Australia. Scary stuff! I hope the winds calm down and you have no more repeats of yesterday. Your photos of this are amazing--talk about instant sepia!

    Thank you for your sweet and generous comment on my blog. You gave me a big lift. xoxo Gigi

  4. Don't get carried away with the cleaning....just got of the phone to Jess and she said another one has just hit Roma.....

  5. Amazing. I might not be blogging for a week since we are visiting my Mom (mum) first and then I head off with a girlfirend for a few days. Back next Friday. God bless....

  6. Not so great in real life, I'm sure. But all that dust made for very interesting pictures.


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