Monday, September 28, 2009

Have you ever seen a breakfast this big in your life?  Well my husband thought this was fantastic.  We went for breakfast together on Saturday morning and I had French toast with maple syrup and mushrooms and bacon and he had this whopping great plate full of eggs, sausage, mushrooms well you can see the rest.  Then he informs me this is like his last meal, he is going to go on a healthy eating thing.  He said he felt his belly this morning and it felt like an old mans belly, you know wobbly and soft.  And I have to say there ain't no six pack hiding under that shirt, but hey I wasn't looking for one.  Anyway he has decided he wants to trim down a bit so following is how he started the weekend health kick.

Hmm yes now let me ask you just how low fat and diet friendly is this little offering.  We have avocado with tomato and chilli it was delish, we have crackers and crispy burrito chips sprinkled with morrocan seasoning. The cheese plate consists of a really nice Jarlseburg, Gorgonzola, Brie, fresh Parmesan and prunes.  Well maybe the prunes will help. Then

Danielle decided she would make some Currywurst and Pommes Frittes.  We had all fallen for this in Germany earlier this year so she wanted to have a go at recreating it here.  We didn't have any wurst so we just used the beef sausages we had and she found a recipe on the internet and whipped this up.  Yes Adrian washed it down with a nice cold Lowenbrau beer, so do you think this measures up in the healthy eating arena?

But we did go strolling around after breakfast on Saturday and I spotted these cute little chairs outside an antique shop.  And this old fashioned high chair, now days they have more bells and whistles attached I don't know how the mums fit the food on the tray.

So maybe he felt like he had done a bit of excercise and the not so healthy food would be ok.  Actually we did go walking on Sunday morning.  Yes we looked outside and the wind was still blowing, remember we have just had the most terrible dust storms rip through here.  So we were feeling a little bit housebound and I have to admit I agreed to go with him, hey I didn't know I would be almost blown away in the arctic blast or that I would have a face full of dirt before we got home.  I think the icy silence that he was met with for most of the walk spoke volumes.  He actually apoligised for making me walk in that wind and dust.  My eyes were watering all the way and it looked Iike I was crying.  Actually it was pretty funny.  We must have looked strange scurrying along.  But later that day I wonder if he thought this would fit into his healthy eating regime?

See what I mean I am a little confused, we actually did have two cheese platters over the weekend, I am seriously loving this gorgonzola I have found and yes we did have some champers as well.  I love his idea of healthy eating and weight loss.  I all with you sweetie.  And we have chosen the tours we will take next May.  A month in France oh my goodness I am so excited.  We will do a tour of Paris and the Heart of France I think it's about 13 days and then have about 4 free days and then do the Village and Vineyards tour for 11 days.  We'll have covered a huge area of France by the end and not a whole heap of museums and galleries.  Of course we'll see the Notre Dame, Lourve etc, so we will get a bit of culture in there.  Now we will just wait until we are sure that Alicia and Paul won't be having a baby again while we are away before we book.  So I hope our dollar stays high against the US dollar as the tour is an American company. Rick Steves Europe through the Back Door.  Well more to tell later but for now bye.


  1. a tour of Paris sounds amazing. :) and those cheese plates look great. Love the red chair.

  2. I would love to hear about all the towns you will see:)

    Rick Steeves is on TV here at 10 pm ..Provence:) I will be watching..
    You will adore all the wine and cheese in France~

    And I truly like all 3 chairs:)

  3. Hungry. Hungry! You are making me hungry.

  4. That is a massive breakfast!!!

    I walked for 6 1/2 hours in that terrible wind and cold spell we had on Sunday. All in the name of photography. I think I'm crazy.

  5. About the breakfast: All I can say is WOW!


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