Saturday, January 5, 2013


2013 is my year, my year to change the bad habits of the past 3 or 4 years and make new one.  My year to change thought patterns and think on new and more positive things.  My year to get new skinny clothes and that's why I've purged my wardrobe and made you for the new, as they say out with the old in with the new.

I am following The Primal Blue Print and if I do it properly it should see me shedding the 30kgs I want to be rid off by December next year.  

This is an example of a Primal lunch so I don't think I'll starve.

If you want to follow me on my journey go over here From Fat to Free, this is my weight loss journey.
And this is my Good News Jar

Everday when something good, or something I am grateful happens I will write a little note and pop it in the jar.  Then in December I will be able to look back at all the good things that I have probably forgotten throughout the year.
So like I said 2013 you are mine.


  1. Hi Kim... I too am in need of a serious overhaul! Too darn scared to get on the scales but I'm thinking 15 or so. Nothing fits! will have a look at this primal idea, but the only thing that works for me is weakness.
    Good luck to you, you sound very focused.

    1. I am replying to myself here... just to let you know you have inspired me to take action...I have added my weight loss widget and away we go...I'm only doing amount lost.. not amount actually weighing as well...yes I know.. I'm a chicken!!

  2. My closet is so dull compared to yours..You live in technicolor:) Good for you..have a ball with 2013:)

  3. A great way to start the new year - full of plans and positive energy!


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