Monday, July 9, 2012

It's been a while

Well hello there, it's been a while since I have been here, so sorry about that, but life is busy and I have discovered Polyvore, hence the art sets that have been posted previously.  To be honest I didn't realise they were being posted, silly me ha ha.  I am glad that they have though, I wanted to show you my new hobby.  I love Polyvore it allows me to be creative and I am using it like an art journal.  I can vent a little there and play a little too.  So I must show you a picture or two of the Princess.
 We had a picnic the other day and all my girls were here, what a happy man Adrian is when all his girls are around.
 And isn't she growing, yes this is baby Elle my little princess.  Oh and of course the eldest of my darlings, Alicia.  Everyone seems to take second place to Elle these days, sorry girls.
 What a smile, those eyes, I melt.
 We had Elle for a sleep over on Friday night and went to the waterbird habitat on Saturday.  She loved the ducks, well not the big one that bit her finger but all the others ha ha.
 And bubbles in the spa bath, one of her favourite past times.
 That bread is meant to be to feed the ducks, oh well we tell her to share.
 Elle and I go dancing on Wednesday mornings, she has the moves like Jagger don't you think?  Even in her butterfly wings.
And of course these three as usual play up for the camera, get down you guys.  Hangin wid ya peeps ha.


  1. The girls are all beautiful..But little Elle:) Well she has changed so much! Love that shot of her walking away:) Those pigtails..So glad they are letting her hair grow long.You must always be taking photos of her..:)
    Glad you are all well!..
    I will check out your hobbyI had looked a couple of years ago but never got into it..Glad you love it.
    Passions in creativity are so important!

  2. She just gets more and more adorable


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