Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mainly Music with Elle

Hello again, I know it's been a while hasn't it, but here I am and I'm all excited!!!!  Today Nanny and I went to Mainly Music.  It's at a church in town in a big room and there are lots of children and some little babies too and we sing and dance and play instruments together.  It was a lot of fun.  I was a bit cautious to begin with, well you have to be don't you these days, you know you have to get a feel for things before you just jump on in, well I do anyway.  So for a bit I just sat on Nan's knees and listened to see who the real competition would be.  Some of those kids can sing let me tell you.  And the others well you know how it is!!  And then the dancing well I got down and shook my bootie yeah I did.  
This is a photo of me on nan's bed before we left, I just had to check and make sure she had enough money for the outing, there is nothing worse than going out without enough cash is there?  She was fine though.
After the music day nan took me back to childcare, she says she misses me and so one day a week we are gonna hang out together for a while.  When I get a bit bigger we might even do other stuff after music, I can't wait for that.  I think I might wear nan out a bit, I like to be carried and she can't say no too often, and then I see her kinda rubbing her back, I think that's my fault.  Oh well she better just get tougher and tell me no, ha ha not likely.
Oh and look what was in nan's yard this morning.....

See the big bulge on the kangaroo, well that's a joey in there, maybe if nanny had a pouch her back would't hurt so much.  This kangaroo was right up near the house too, I like roos.  So gotta go now see ya next week maybe.


  1. Oh, yippee! Here it is, the picture of the roo! How lucky you are to have these in your front yard. Do they eat all sorts of plants like our deer do here and then make you mad that they are visiting? I love to see the deer but I really don't want them in the yard eating all the things that I worked so hard and spent so much money on.

  2. Love seeing her beautiful little face!

  3. so pleased you are back elle, i've missed you!


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