Monday, January 16, 2012

They Caught My Eye

Strolling through the tiny french inspired town of Akoroa I spotted these people eating lunch.  The seagulls waiting for some crumbs, I thought there was such a similarity, my quirky sense of humour I guess.
I have a thing for shoes, on feet and off, I like to photograph them, is there a name for that?  These cuties caught my eye.
I wondered about their owner, who was she, how old was she, did she live here or was she visiting?  Hmm the stories in these shoes make me wonder.
Happy Monday.


  1. I just love this - of the little polka dot shoes. There's a whole story there - just waiting to be told!

  2. great shoes, love them. it's all coming out now as to where alicia got her fascination about shoes... it's a family trait and carrying on with the princess too!


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