Saturday, October 1, 2011

Finding the Colours

I feel like a dandelion head that someone has just blown on really hard and bits of me are flying all over the place eek!!!!  I am so scattered at the moment, really it's tiring.  I am doing a marvellous course with Kat over at Kat's Eye View of the World on finding my eye.  And I am today posting a link to this blog on the Colour Wheel in photography also on Kat's blog.  So I am busy with photographing and sorting and looking at why and all that stuff.  As well as I have been handed a DVD featuring and Australian artist Tricia Reust, and I loved her technique so much I have lain awake half the night pondering how I will use it in my own art work.  I spent a few hours yesterday in my studio slapping on paint and transferring the Eiffel Tower to my canvas and inking and wiping and spraying, so much fun.  So I am tossed around at the moment.  Torn between two things I love doing and wanting to do more of both, the time, the time that's what is lacking.  So back to the colour wheel.  Above is a shot on Manarolla in the Cinque Terre.  The boats lined the coast line and colours were amazing.  The above example is what is known as a Triadic Variation, mosey on over and let Kat explain it to you better than I can.  I never really thought about the colours in my shots, why certain compositions please the eye more than others.  Now I see why, it's so interesting and mostly we naturally take these shots, simply because they do please us.
Another Triadic Variation, green and orange and the blue and yellow.  Again along the coastline of the Cinque Terre, this time where we stayed for a few days Manarolla, oooh I love this place so gorgeous.
Anyway gotta love ya and leave ya, things to shoot, things to paint fun fun, have a great weekend all.


  1. Have a great weekend Kim,,,I have to be honest and say I wasted the day today...and now you have inspired me. I hope you find enough time to do both. hugs dear friend.

  2. Oh, I love Cinque Terre! You captured some gorgeous colors there. Thank you so much for sharing in Exploring with a Camera! There is just to much fun and creative stuff to do, I agree. I haven't painted myself in a few of weeks, so sad. :)

  3. Terrific colors in response to Kat's prompts. Love it!

  4. You really found colors. Love that.

  5. Beautiful captures! Love the bright, cheerful colors! You even seem to have the proportions, right too! Great job!


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