Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Greatest Gift

I love to read.  Anything really, well not car/boating/sport/or finance magazines, but apart from that mostly anything.  Novels, newspapers, decorating and gardening mags, anything Stampington, anything truly, those mags are unbelievable, but you know that don't you?  And I really believe that the greatest gift we can give our children is a love of reading.  Now my eldest daughter, Elle's mummy loves reading just like I do.  She actually devours books by the page, ravenously gobbling every word on every page.  That's how we read.  Adrian on the other hand can skim, arghh I hate skimming, what is the point, really, every word builds on the next, well in a good book it does.  I don't want to miss anything, not a smell, a sight, a sense, a touch no I have to slowly chew every word, pharse, line.  Ohh shivers really!!!!
 And she has passed on this to Elle, already we see it.  Yesterday when she visited Adrian got out his favourite book for her.  I Love You Grandad, of course we had to buy it when we saw it.  She stood at the little table and turned each page, pointing at the baby bear and the big bear and the fish and birds.  Making her excited little noises and smiling, she loves books like we do.  
Look nanny see the big bear.  Oh my heart skips a beat really.
Little hands folded let me kiss that gorgeous face.
But then the great outdoors calls too.
Okay come on let's play.
She is a clever chicky this one.  On the 12th September she will have her first series of operations to remove some of the moles on her arms and legs.  About 10 at a time they will do, not removing the whole mole at once but taking a strip from the middle of each one.  Over a series of 3 or 4 ops the moles will gradually get smaller and then be gone.  The large one on her back, is too big to remove and well you won't see it most of the time so we'll deal with it later.  My baby girl she is so beautiful and such an angel, stubborn like her mum ha ha!!  Today is Father's Day here in Australia, so we are all gathering for a picnic down in our creek area, yummy food and the people we love most in this world all together, I am excited.


  1. That little girl is an angel..
    Happy Father's day over there.
    I know everything will go well..for Elle:)

    Kisses to her.

  2. Happy fathers day to Grand Dad. The love of books is wonderful. My Godchild has so many books from me. I have started leaving some here for her when she comes for a visit. take care, have a wonderful time. Sorry to hear she has to have the surgeries on her moles....she is a darling for sure.

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Your texture photo is lovely...very oriental in it's simplicity. Hope all goes smoothly for little Elle. Than you for stopping by.
    Have a great day..


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