Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Texture Tuesday

Today's Texture Tuesday challenge is to post something to do with the word DREAM.  So my baby grand daughter Elle, dreaming, of what I do not know, but dreaming I am sure.  Maybe of her future, maybe of what she hopes her life will be.  Maybe her children, her loves, her losses and gains, the fun she will have, the beauty she will see, the places she will go, to meet the friends she has made.    Maybe she dreams of a world of peace, of people who accept each other no matter their colour, race or religious beliefs.  Maybe she dreams of a world with food for all and water in abundance.  Maybe a world filled with birds and animals, beautiful and unique.
I don't know what her dreams are, I don't know what her life will be, I do know she is loved, safe, cared for well and protected by all of us.  I hope and pray that one day all the children of the world can say the same.  I hope her dreams come true.

Duplicate original photo and use soft light at 50%
Then layer with Sweettreat on soft light at 57%
Layer Sweettreat again on multiply at 60%
Use a colour fill of pink

I hope your dreams come true too.


  1. Oh my!!!! Such a beautiful sweet shot!

  2. How utterly adorable, lovely work!!

  3. Over from Texture Tuesday. Such a sweet image, Elle is adorable! :)

  4. So super sweet!! Very nice texture work!

  5. Elle is an angel - nicely done!

  6. What a beautiful post about your dreams for this precious little girl. Your texture work is lovely, too.

  7. I hope all her dreams come true..That her life is blessed throughout..She's off to a winning start:)

  8. Very nice photo.

  9. sweet~!!~
    this one caught my eye and it is beautiful~!


  10. Beautiful photo for the Dream challenge. I hope all your dreams for her come true.

  11. Just beautiful! Jacqui97223


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