Thursday, May 26, 2011

I was reminiscing yesterday, thinking that a year ago Adrian and I were wandering the streets of Nice, Cannes and Ville Franche Sur Mer and sipping Vive Cliquot from plastic cups, while sitting on a rock wall that skirted the Mediterranean Ocean.  We were about to meet Helene, a friend from blog land who lives in Cannes.  We were about to be blown away by her and her families hospitality and discover her Cannes, a beautiful place for sure.  Two years ago we were just about to make that emergency dash from Switzerland to get back in time to meet our first grandson Lucas, we did make it fortunately.  The years really do slip by, I find myself pondering this regularly lately.  I think about how much my life has changed in the last 2 years, dramatically I can tell you, more than I would ever have thought possible actually.  
The tulips above sat on tables outside a cafe in Harlem, Amsterdam.  The first stop on our first European tour in 2009.  We ate our first frittes with mayonnaise as we strolled past this spot.  We found our travel feet.
So I had to do an Elle's Angel with a travel slant, I just had to.  What better landmark than the Eiffel Tower, who doesn't know this famous landmark?!  Actually I was thinking of Ashleigh and Danielle when I did this, it was them that spurred us on to travel.  They had their 19th birthdays sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower in October 2008 and I hate to admit it, but I was green with envy.  It was then we decided it was our time, our time to pack a bag and take the trip we wanted to.   Not just the usual week at the beach, because that's what the kids like.  No we wanted to see the world.  So we went, we saw, and we went again, 3 times in 18 months acutally.  Yeah I know overkill ha ha!!  That is me for sure.
Have you been, do you want to go, are you waiting for the right time, or are you content to be where you are?  There is a big wide world out there waiting for each of us.  Go discover it, where ever it is, thousands of miles away or maybe just around the corner.  Come back and show us what you find promise.


  1. a very frameable work of art.

  2. Your life..changed dramatically:) With the arrival of Elle:) I am still so happy for you..Love the tulips!


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