Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Digital Scrapping

Hey do you remember I posted a little while back about learning to do some digital scrapping well here is my second attempt.  Now I think that the really great works I've seen in Somerset Digital Studio  probably take hours to complete and this took me maybe an hour tops, so it is still really primitive compared to the really great ones.  I used a kit I got from the last magazine from DeviantScrap what an amazing set of elements and backgrounds they have and the whole site is just filled with the most brilliant designers goods.  I was trying to link a couple of the layers on this one, like Elle and her hat and the wings and do you think I could get my PSE 8 to do what it should do.  I searched the help section on linking layers, and it said hit control and each of the layers I want to link and then hit the link button, but every time I did that I got a pop up that said merge layers, flatten image, argh.....so I go ticked off and just flattened the image and I wasn't really finished.  I'll have to try and work out what to do, cause it gets annoying trying to move the horse and having to move all the bits separately. I am using a Mac, I LOVE my MAC, so I tried hitting the command, option some together on and on argh.... still couldn't link.  Do any of you know how to link layers in PSE using a Mac?????
It's a lot of fun like making a fairy tale sort of.  Off to do a bread run now, it's a lovely cloudy drizzly day I love rainy days.  Good to fiddle in, shop in, drink coffee in.  Ciao!!!


  1. I'm clueless at PSE - but this is AMAZING! Seriously, so cool, the things you'll be able to do with this.

  2. Aw. I really like how you did the flowers.


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