Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Cobra - Book Review

The a book I would not normally read in a fit, but my husband devours these type of novels, so to try and diversify a little I thought why not.  A book about the cocaine industry and the effort to break the back of the cartels who run it worldwide, well that's not really my thing.  I know Frederick Forsyth is a world acclaimed writer and he does write well, I can admit that.  But this style of writing I just found to be a tad dull.  I am not one for reading pages of information on the type of aeroplanes, ships, trucks, depots etc etc., that are being used for the purposes of cracking the drug industry.  Just tell me we have some planes and ships and a few men to man them and we're on our way.  The characters in the novel were strong, though there were so many I was a little confused at times, Frederick must have known this would happen to not just me though, the first TWO pages after the chapter index are the names and characters listed, the next page and a half the acronyms an abbreviations used throughout the book.  AFB = airforce base, CRRC = combat rubber raiding craft, FARC = Columbian Revolutionary/Marxist Organisation, now how they get that one I don't know!  But I think you get my drift here.  

So the storyline was very good, the main characters strong and the tension, once you are over the information about the craft, trucks, soldiers etc., good.  There is a great ending and if you do like this kind of information filled story you'll love it.  Not my thing as I said, but I did generally enjoy the experience.  What do you think, have you read it, I am curious?

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  1. i've read some of his older books and enjoyed them. not really my genre, but, like you said i still enjoyed them.


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