Friday, October 29, 2010

Fridays with Elle

Each Friday I have Elle, nicknamed "Sweet Pea" by my wonderful friend Se'Lah.  I never thought I would actually volunteer to be the stand in mum for a day.  You know my children have only just recently all left home, and I thought when that happened, I would want my freedom more than anything else.  Honestly though, this is the most amazing treasure I have ever come across, this time with Elle.

Alicia drops her off around 8.30am and from then on the day is mine and hers.  We eat, well she eats a lot, I try and squeeze something in very quickly, before she is awake again and wanting my attention.  I have to admit I do remember this with her mum ha ha!  Today we visited Aunty Jane and Uncle Taban and Little Kim.
I'm Big Kim, by the way!  I walked to the front door and Aunty Jane was right there to greet us. Arms open wide and taking Elle and snuggling her right in.  She was so surprised at how much she had grown, since our last visit a few weeks ago.  Kimmy was enamoured by Sweet Peas as well, so sweet to see these tiny tikes, together.  It really is Ebony and ivory, oh I love it.
Oh the big blue eyes, how sweet are they!?

It was hot today, so Elle got au natural to cool off what a little doll.
I dipped her tiny toes in the pool, the water is still cool, but the days are hot and soon, very soon I think I will be dipping her in the water.  She loves nappy free time on a rug on the floor. So cute.
Tomorrow Ashleigh and Danielle ar bridesmaids for the best friend Amy.  Adrian and I are invited to the wedding and I cannot wait to see the girls all dolled up again.  This being their second time round being bridesmaids.  Chickens also come tomorrow, well hopefully and I will give you a glimpse of the girls asap.
So right now it is really late so I am off, have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Sweet Pea, oh I love that, she is a darling and I would be so looking forward to Friday with her. have fun at the wedding, take care.

  2. Sweet, sweet beautiful baby. Perfect skin and tiny nails. I can nearly smell her sweetness.

  3. A doll:) Cute photos:)Everyone looks great!


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