Thursday, July 1, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness, I have been thinking about that ever since Se'Lah suggested we all get together and do a world wide Random Act Day on July 6th.  Building a bridge of kindness around the world, that's something isn't it?!  Really we get so caught up in our own stuff so much of the time, not to say we all haven't got stuff to get caught up in, hey I have I know that.  And truly my stuff is BIG, you know what I mean.  Well you do don't you, and I bet my stuff is bigger than yours.  You probably think yours is huge but mine is bigger I promise.  See it isn't hard to just get so consumed with all our things, all the stuff going on around us and to us.  Pretty soon it just seems like everything is going wrong and no one could be doing it tougher than we are.  But be assured there are people out there in tougher situations than even ours.

When our grandson passed away last year, I thought that was it.  I completely dropped my bundle, I mean who wants to get out of bed anyway and why would I get out, after all everything just sucks you know what I mean.  So for months I just muddled along.  Not long after a friend of mine lost her husband to cancer and he left behind his gorgeous wife and 6 children.  Oh maybe they were doing it tough to!!  There was also still a little girl in the ICU that Lucas had been in and she had been there for 8 months.  Her mum and grandma visited for hours everyday, I guess that's tough.  I read in the paper today about a family who gave birth to quads at just 25 weeks and one little one passed away not long after she was born.  Now they are having to have a third open heart surgery on a little boy born last year.  So I think they would probably think life is pretty tough.  All this to say that yes we are all bound to have really tough times now and then, sometimes a lot of them.  But there are ways to move through them.  To pass this way and not die in the midst of them.  Doing something for someone else, especially when it is least expected, is always a great way of taking our minds off our own problems and focussing if only for a while on someone else.  So let's get involved, on the 6th July lets help build the bridge of kindness and love around the world.  Thanks again Se'Lah for the inspiration.  Bless you heaps girl.

I expect to pass through this world but once,
any good thing therefore I can do, or any kindness
that I can show to any fellow-creature,
let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it,
for I shall not pass this way again.

Stephen Grellet


  1. i so agree - i also believe that we never know what someone else is dealing with so i try to treat everyone kindly. you never know when you might be the only light in someone's life.

  2. I also agree with Char's never know when you could be touching an angel. ;)

    Thanks, my friend, for your loving heart.


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