Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dreams of Cherries

Bright red, sweet, cherries in the middle of winter, you have to love that, really you do.  Well I do anyway.  Sun pouring in through the kitchen windows, the warm wood of the kitchen table shining away.  

Adrian is home for a few days between jobs and we went to see Inception with Leonardo Di Caprio today.  Well I loved it really.  I enjoy a movie that makes me think could it really have happened that way, like De Jevu with Denzel I think, now I loved that too.  And The Lakehouse with the gorgeous Sandra, could it really happen in an alternate world, could time collide and somehow you meet the person you were always met too, but never would have.  I love it.  And I used to have these really weird dreams of being chased through our neighbourhood, but I could run like with huge steps that were almost flying and I could leap over really tall timber fences and run along the top of them.  Freaky stuff.  The worst dreams were the being caught out in public naked and trying to walk past people as if nothing was wrong,  Finding something to wear and constantly pulling the hem down to cover all the bits, really that is the worst dream ever. 

Do you dream and what do you think it means?  I wold love to know, what being naked in public could possibly reveal about me eew I hate to think.  Other than I really need to lose a few kilos I mean ha ha!


  1. i've been trying to decide if i want to see inception or not. but i do really really really love lake house. so beautiful.

  2. I think your dream of running - almost flying is really powerful! How strong you must be to do that, to dream that!

    I hate the inadequate dreams, the tests where you know none of the answers, the work that you are responsible for that you didn't do...hmmm what does that say about me??

    Lovely cherries!

  3. Great cherry images. I LOVE Deja Vu and really liked Lakehouse, too. I love the creepy, mind-bending stuff.

  4. I dream...but the best are when there are nascar drivers, musicians and the like involved. lol.

  5. Char me too Lakehouse what a great romantic movie yum.
    Marion I never thought of that dream as me being strong but hey i like that thanks
    Relyn, me too the creepy mind bending stuff i'm all over it.
    Se'Lah hmm mascar drivers and muso's sounds interesting he he!

  6. Yes, I dream. Was a time, I dreamt I was in school, late for a test, and stark naked, trying to hide it while I attempted to read the test questions through my tears and fear. Haven't had one of those in years. Guess I'm not feeling so unprepared and exposed any more. : )

    Nowadays, I dream often of people I have never met, that I'm aware of, anyway. They come to my dreams, in full living color, round and whole as though I were awake and they were real, and they tell me things. Ask for things. Want me to remember on waking, and almost never do I, though I will see their faces throughout the day.

    One time, a few years ago, one of them was a rock star, terrified that his plane was going down. I saw him very clearly, felt his fear, felt the plane crashing. I prayed for him, for the others on the plane. Prayed they were safe. The very next day a plane carrying a rock group crashed. The lead singer of the group was injured but survived. I believe all the others were killed. Now I call that a freaky coincidence!

    Since then, whenever I have a vivid dream of someone asking for my help, I wake up and pray for them, whoever they may be. No idea if any good comes of it, but I cannot go back to sleep until I've said that prayer.

  7. i loved the lake house. yum to the cherries.


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