Thursday, July 15, 2010


It makes me wonder all those years ago what went on here.  In the grounds of the beautiful river-straddling Chateau de Chenonceau in France, stands this cotttage, covered in vines it is probably several hundred years old.  I get kinda dreamy when I look at these places, wondering about the lives of the people who lived here so long ago.  The grounds are amazingly beautiful, and yet if you were one of the workers life would have been hard.  The gentry of course had it great, servants by the handful to keep everything nice, but the lives of the servants, it's those that I dream about.  How they lived and loved and died. 

The kitchen, it was intriguing, filled with shiny brass pots and pans and fresh herbs direct from the garden.  I wonder about the meals cooked here, the hands that prepared them, the people who served them and the royalty who ate them.  The decisions to go to war, or to take control of land further afield that would have been discussed around this dining table.  I wonder.
Guedelon Castle - France

This wool, hand spun and dyed, I just can't imagine the time and talent involved in being able to do this.  Yet somehow it makes me think of a time that was easier, even though I know that isn't true.  We have so many time saving devices now that truly make our lives easier, not so hard and yet I hanker for the days of old.  That romantic notion that runs through my head calling me back centuries ago, to live a life that is simpler.  But I would have to be a lady, or a princess or a queen even.  I just don't think it would be quite so much fun if I was slaving away in the kitchen or the farm yard of the weaving room.  I'm a chicken I know, but hey that's who I am.  What about you what would you be if you could choose, what would you like to do if you were born in another century?


  1. these have to be some of the most beautiful photos, i have ever seen.
    deep sigh, for such beauty.

  2. Ha, you have those fantasies too, I would have to be a lady right beside you I think....nah I know.
    have a great day.

  3. Thanks Christina high praise from you
    Cinner you and me playing ladies i'd love it


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