Saturday, May 15, 2010

Monet's garden and Pigalle's red lights

Monet's Garden and Chateau in Giverny a beautiful interlude on any trip to France.  The famous lily pond immortalised by Monet was sans the lilies this time but oh how beautiful anyway.

The many beautiful flowering trees and shrubs made me sigh what a lot of photos to take.  In my mind I imagined what it was like for Monet with his 8 children and wife to take time and create this wonder.

So from the beauty of Monet's garden to the grittiness of Paris's red light district, right on our doorstep here in Montmartre.  Pigalle the home of Moulin Rouge, and seedy sex shops and the Musee of Erotic Art.  Hmm interesting, we had to go look didn't we.

This neighbourhood is brimming with life.  Seehting crowds straggle down from Place Du Tertre the home of the artisit.  Literally squeezing through here is a huge job.  Artists, good and bad sell there wares, portraits, carictatures, cityscapes, it is here for you to take home.

This museum is in Pigalle and the pictures and artwork in the window are enough for me to know I would be very uncomfortable inside.  So we wandered on.

You can see the crowds are huge.  Everyone searching for their favourite artist.

You can see Pigalle (Pig Alley) in the olden days is an interesting place. 

Montemartre may have Pigalle on her doorstep but she also has some delicious cakes.  We ate the curly Rose du Table a sweet honey covered pastry yum finger licking good.


  1. oh...the gardens - the moulin rouge - what beautiful sights - i'm loving traveling with you

  2. never tried those honey pastry's when I was in Paris but wishing I had. Love Monet's garden it's so beautiful.

  3. Char it was so beautiful jaw dropping
    Liss the pastries were so delicious


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