Monday, April 19, 2010

Volcanoes and travel

I know you have heard about it, how could you not.  I have even read some blogs today where the travel cancellations have allowed friends to visit longer so there is some good in this.  BUT for me well not wanting to panic here but PLEASE stop erupting.  Please let the storm that is meant to come in the next couple of days come and settle the ash, please just let me get to France PLEASE!!!!!!!

I know, I know you think I am a cry baby, I am I admit it, I just want to see Gretchen again and I want to see France for th first time.  Adrian and I have been talking about how we might get there some other way.  Not land in CDG airport, but somewhere else that is allowing flights in and then hire a car maybe.  The trains seem to be full to overflowing, so driving ourselves to Paris is an option.  Hey we just want to get there.  I just heard on the early morning news that the major traffic main be rerouted through Spain.  Great we've never been to Spain and we would love to go there, we can drive from there I am sure and it's kind of an adventure then too.  Whatever way we have to go, we will we just want to go. 

Mother Nature she is sure letting us know we really aren't in control of very much at all.  We aren't either, we think we are but really she can just cause the most incredible disruptions without too much effort at all.  Incredible display of power we are seeing, isn't it.  Apparently over 90% of Iceland is not effected by the eruption at all and that is amazing.

So I am crossing my fingers, praying, wishing, really whatever it takes to make the skies clear so we can take off into the wide blue yonder and land in Europe. Join me won't you.


  1. I hope that you can get off soon. I heard talk of the ash lifting ...maybe in a few days, imagine the backlog of flyers...

    happy days

  2. Kim I hope it settles down so you can have your holiday...Not only that seeing all your wonderfull photos of Paris will be the closest I will get to going

  3. oh no!!! I hope it all works out for you!

    so many people are stranded.

  4. I hope everything clears up soon, AND that you arrive safe and sound. take care.

  5. My fingers are crossed for bluer skies.

  6. When this ash cloud first happened, I was celebrating mother nature and saying, "Yes looks who is really in control!"

    Now, it's gone on so long and I know so many people who have been affected by it!

    Let's say, we get it Mother Nature, not let us have the air space back!

    Good luck!

  7. I do hope that Mother Nature holds her breath so that you are able to travel safely to France and back.

    My island, Montserrat, also has an active volcano and life can certainly be affected. Sometimes, slowing down is just what we need, I guess.

    Sending lots of positive vibes your way. one love.

  8. I came over from your comment on Relyn's post today. I hope your travel plans work out, however you manage it! When mother earth gives a shiver, we are quickly reminded of who is actually in charge, aren't we?

  9. Sending lots of thoughts and good wishes your way.

  10. Crossing my fingers and saying a prayer. Here's hoping we are both able to make it to France safely.


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