Friday, March 19, 2010

A walk through the last 28 years

The road has been long, longer than half my lifetime.  There have been many twists and turns and sometimes I thought it was just to rough to continue.  But I persevered, we choice together to keep walking, running, stumbling, skipping, dancing, strolling, enjoying the road no matter what.  And here we are, tomorrow marks our 28th wedding anniversary.  I look back now and I feel like I was such a baby when we married.  I was just 21 years old, Ade was 24 turning 25 that year.  I had watched my parents divorce after 18 years of what I thought was a happy marriage and I was determined I did not want that for myself.  Adrian had seen his parents happily married for many years a total of 38 when his dad passed away years after we married.    We came from vastly different family backgrounds.  But we chose to make marriage work for us and for our children.  I am so glad we did.  He is my best friend.  He is my confidant.  He is the love of my life now and forever.  He is the father of my children and the holder of our hearts and we all trust him with that.  He is soft, strong, kind, loving, and I am so thankful that he chose me.  Well actually I chose him but that's another story.  So I celebrate today and tomorrow this man who loves me so well.
I love you my darling.xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Happy Anniversary..The best is yet to

  2. Thank You Monique i must say i am so looking forward to the next 28 like good wine it will only get better

  3. A day late but Happy Anniversary!!! May you both celebrate many more with health and happiness.

  4. Happy Anniversary, Kim! Sorry this comes 2 days late. Wishing you happiness always. You're an inspiration. :)

  5. Happy Anniversary Kim (getting by here a little late).
    Wishing you many, many more.

    one love.

  6. Like everyone else, this is late but hope you had a nice day! I was so surprised while reading this. My 28th anniversary was March 13th! We feel the same way. Lots of ups and downs but so glad we have hung in there. He is my best friend! I didn't get to post coz we ran away for the weekend :)!It is fun when the kids are grown and you can just take off together on the spir of the moment.

  7. Thank you all for your best wishes.


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