Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Blind Side

Sorry about the picture it's from the Blind Side image website and it's very pixelated.  Adrian and I went to see the movie today.  It's raining here heaps, finally!!!!! So he took a wet day, not a snow day but a rain day and he wagged it from work and took me to the movies.  Not hard to take a sickie when you are the boss is it!  I didn't know much about this movie before we went, I had heard a line or two from an advert on the radio and the line where Quinton Aaron playing Michael Oher is being shown his new room in the Tuohy house, and he says "I've never had one before"  Sandra Bullock playing Leigh Anne Tuohy says "Your own room?" and Michael answers "No my own bed"  Well it had me then.  I knew that was a movie I wanted to see.  I love a tear jerker, it isn't, much to my surprise, though I did spring for a few tears at the end.  I just love a great feel good movie.  This is one for sure.  I have a few questions about the benefits of taking people from other backgrounds into such vastly different lifestyles.  Are we making the assumption that, that new life, culture, way of living, is better?  Maybe in some ways it is, maybe in many it isn't.  But for Michael it was an amazing life change for him.  There have been many times in the last 2 and a half years, since knowing my adopted family from Africa, that I have thought to myself, these children would do so much better in school and then in the future in their working lives if they lived with us and we could go through the motions like we did with our own girls.  You know, readers every afternoon, spelling tests around the kitchen table, flash cards to learn their times tables by.  Excursions to museums, beaches, the movies all sorts of very Aussie upper middle class types of things.  Then I am very abruptly reminded, that this is not their original family, they have a different lifestyle than ours and it is still a good a great lifestyle.  It isn't mine, and maybe it isn't the typically accepted Aussie way, but it is a real family, they are a real family, they have so many more things going for them, friends, support, love, different than our way of life but no less just the same.  So I am constantly thinking and remembering that, though my family is great, we have been blessed with good, kind, loving and generous children, we are not perfect and other cultures have much to offer us too.

So The Blind Side is remarkable.  The total committment to Michael from this family is incredible.  I would love to meet the Tuohy's, I would love to meet Michael.  I want to know so much more about him, his brother, who makes a very brief appearance in the movie and about his mum.  Oh how I hope this young, well not so young man now, knows he was loved well by so many people.  I loved this movie it is close to my heart.


  1. Thanks for the rceommendation I had seen trailers..Looks like I would enjoy it.

  2. Yes Monique I am sure you would enjoy it, it really was quite wonderful.

  3. It is a movie I want to see, anyone I have talked to said it was great, glad you got to go with hubby. Take care.


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