Friday, February 12, 2010

Two Down so many more to go

2010 is my year to read more, lots lots more.  I am off and running having read these two novels since January and I am reading several photography, blogging and digital camera magazines and texts as well so while to some 2 in two months might seem slow, I am trying. 
The first I read was the Senator's Wife by Sue Miller.
I haven't read any other titles written by Sue but the notes in the book say she is the best selling author of many works including the story collection "Inventing the Abotts".  I only know that as a movie so if I am being totally ignorant then please forgive me.  The story line is a tale of love and betrayal.  A story of forgiveness and loss.  The new neighbour Meri building a friendship with the Senator's wife.  A relationship that becomes important to her, a motherlike connection.  I could relate to Meri after her pregnancy, the feeling of being slightly overwhelmed.  Though I immediately connected with my children, which she did not, that sense of oh my goodness where to from here was the same.  Her need to be desired by her husband, her need to feel beautiful and worthwhile are beatuifully written.  The choices Meri makes astounded me I wanted to shake her, hug her and sit beside her and sneak a peek at those letters also.  But bad choices, forgetting about the other people in our lives just to satisfy our own needs, well lets say she blew it, if only momentarily, big time.  I enjoyed The Senator's Wife, not an instant favourite but a good read.
Now Anita Shreve, I have heard of, not read, but I have seen the many, many titles she has in the book stores and if they are all like "A Change in Altitude" I will be reading many more.  My daughter has been a fan for some time.  Firstly let me say I am a fan of all things African and as this book is set in Kenya that was an instant win for me.  The sense of total white domination in some of the characters made me bristle.  I like a book that can do that to me.  I liked the characters, irritating, humourous, intriguing, snooty, loud, humble, kind, you can see there is much going on here.   I loved the tale of the mountain climb, I was breathless at the scene of the accident and livid at the treatment of a poor servant girl.  I was in love with the reporter as along with Margaret and I longed for them to sneak off together.  This writing style had me from page one.  A great story with many layers. Worth a read for sure.

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