Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Rainbow of Colour

Gerbras, they used to be old grandma's plants.  You know they would be these dreary little plants with a single ring of lonely petals round the spiky centre, that grew along the path from the gate to the steps to everyone's nana's house.  Well they were in my childhood neighbourhood. 
Well haven't they had a makeover, an extreme makeover, at that.  The last two weekends we have ventured down to our local Police Citizens Youth Club Sunday market.  I discovered, well actually I didn't discover my eldest daughter Alicia did, a man who sells these gorgeous gerbras. Freshly cut on the Friday, at $10 for 3 bunches of a dozen blooms a bunch.  Now here that is an absolute bargain.  So last weekend I bought 3 dozen and filled 3 vases, scattering them round the house.  This weekend Adrian got me 6 dozen of the gorgeous things, so I now have 6 dozen fresh flowers and about a dozen or more left over from last weekend.  It looks like a florist in here.  I love it!!!!

Some of the heads started to wilt a little over time so I snipped them off and put them in tiny crystal vases, one beside my bed and one in my office, so now I see them everywhere I go.
I haven't adjusted these at all in photoshop, only cropped off any extra background and the colours are still just beautiful.  How lucky am I to have all these beautiful girls smiling at me all around my home?!

I have a little recipe that I feed them that makes them last longer and the vase water look cleaner, I'll share it with you....

In about a litre of water, 1 teaspoon of bleach, 2 teaspoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of vinegar.  These little beauties love it, but I use it on all my fresh flowers.  With gerbras though, don't fill the vase with water.  Just say a quarter to half full otherwise the stems go slimy and soft, they last much better in shallower water and then every day or two change the water and snip a little stem off.  You'll get so much longer from your flowers.
So from me to you, lovely peach gerbras, lots of love all.


  1. They are just beautiful and yes what a bargain, I am going to try your vinegar concoction when they bloom here. Glad you are well,all those flowers would be wonderful. take care my friend. Be well.

  2. Thanks Kim, I`ll definitely take a couple of them!
    Have a great week.


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