Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On the road again and the joy of snail mail

I adore snail mail.  I love the snap of the letterbox when the flap shuts and I know that the postman has dropped something inside.  I don't love the letters with the windows that come with regular monotony, but the little notes, and the sometimes gifts that arrive, oh they are sweet.
Yesterday I was thrilled, blessed, smiling, my dear friend Sharon in California, sent me this beautiful bookmark from our tour reunion in Edmonds.  We couldn't go, unfortunately the 20 odd hours it takes to get there put a dampener on that.  I was so sad to be missing out on seeing my dear friends again.  Sharon and her hubby John and my dear buddy Gretchen especially.  So Sharon bless her heart sent me a little gift instead, I am blessed I tell ya.  So a little tip to ya all I know we all love emails, blogs, everything techy these days, but if you really want to ring some bells post it, not on your blog but in the letterbox.

We sign the contract this evening....oh my goodness what have we done.  We are officially becoming farmers.  Well the closest thing to it as far as I can see.  We are purchasing the 9 acres property with the 5 horse paddocks, (they will be empty, remember I am not a lover of big animals) and the granny flat.  Yep in 45 days we are on the move.  We now have the oh so daunting task of marketing and selling our home.  I really don't like this process, I stress a little too much.  We have marketed and sold the last couple of homes ourselves.  Saving us anywhere up to $12,000 in commission.  Yes you read that correctly the agent commission on the sale of our current home at approx $650,000 will be $16k that is soooooo much money.  I don't think we are going to have a go at selling this one ourselves, we have to have it sold in the next 45 days and as it is in the higher price range, we feel it will be better marketed with an agent.  Pray for us please we don't want to end up with a huge mortgage if this house doesn't sell.  I am trying not to think too hard about all that will need to take place in the next few weeks.  All the address changes, that no matter how hard I try to remember everyone I need to inform, I always seem to still have mail go missing.  Me or them making a mistake, I'm not sure.  Then the telephone company, the internet provider oh and I have to buy a new fridge ours is too big for the opening provided.  Arghh!!! oh well a nice new fridge will be lovely, never mind the one we have now is only about 5 years old and a great size.  We will move in about 5 weeks before we head off to France, so we should be settled by then.  The girls will be on their own for a few weeks, thank heavens we still have neighbours out on the farm.  Well off now to teach cooking so have a great day.


  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing your new "Homestead"!

    Pretty bookmark too..

  2. beautiful bookmark!

    congrats on the new farm

  3. Congratulations, I am excited for you, your must be a moving superqueen if it is your 12th move. I wish you all the best, take care.


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