Tuesday, December 1, 2009

'Tis the Season.....'

This weekend we got the tree out of the shed and dug out all the decorations. I am about a week early this year, last year we had what we called the Claytons tree, you know the Christmas tree your having when your not having a tree.  We were on our way to England for the first time on the 23rd December so we didn't want to bother with our great big 7ft tree.  We dug out Ashleigh's tiny 12inch tree and made the most of that instead.  But I have to admit I am a tree nut.  I adore glittery, sparkly overladen trees.  We have a bit of a family tradition, well we have had, I think the girls are getting a bit old for it now.  For about 10 years now we have bought a new decoration each year.  The girls would choose whatever took their fancy and we would put the year and their name on it somewhere and that was kind of a little history of their likes and tastes over time.
For instance this little cutie carrying all the shoes, is Alicia's.  In real life Alicia has at last count 78 pairs of shoes, that was a few weeks ago so I am sure she has more since then.  I know, I know, totally over the top but she does have some delicious shoes.  She doesn't drink, she doesn't go clubbing, she doesn't do drugs, no need she is totally hooked on shoes.  So of course when this deco hit the stores she had to have it.
This snowflake carrying ice skater is one that Danielle chose a few years back.  We laugh often now because she is always telling us she doesn't like her ornaments, she reckons she always chose duds, you know there weren't any she really loved so she just chose any.  I have to admit she has got some shockers, all the funnier if you ask me. 

But try and not let the season make you like this photo, a blur rushed off your feet not enjoying any of it,  'cause things can just get so frantic at this time of year.  It is time to just enjoy the season, de-stress.  I have to remind myself that we do not need to eat ourselves sick and it doesn't matter what we eat, it's about being together and sharing some time together, and giving a few gifts, you gotta love the gift part.  For the first time this year we are drawing a name out of a hat and just buying a gift for one person instead of 8 people.  Adrian and I will still buy something for each other as well and so will Paul and Alicia, but it will make it easier for Ashleigh and Danielle and less expensive too.  I spoke to a friend who lost her husband to cancer just 3 months ago, and I am reminded that Christmas is also a sad time for many people as well.  I know we will be thinking of and missing Lucas this year.  But we have to carry on and Christmas is a good time to try and start new.

I like this take on a reflection photo, yep that's me sitting on the lounge room floor taking photos instead of decorating the tree.  Hubby in the background doing all the hard work.  So what are you all going to be doing this Christmas?


  1. I love that last photo:) Very original!!


    We will do the tree soon also:) Your husband is TALL!:)

  2. Always love reading your blog, I do get far behind! Love the ornament reflection photo!!!

  3. Kim I just love the last shot, I love looking at decorations, I used to just love shoes, your daughter would not be thrilled with my assortment, flats and runners. I hope you enjoy the season. we got snow today, so I was putting up our tree, will have to finish tomorrow, I am early too. Take care for now.

  4. Oh, Kim, I know what you mean about having a little make-do tree. That's what we'll be having this year while we're still at the cottage. We're just here three more weeks, and then we move back home just before Christmas. Then I'm off to Philadelphia the day after Christmas for a job interview, so a tree just doesn't fit into the schedule this year. I'm still determined to enjoy the season, though!

    I love your reflection photo--what fun!

    I've already sent you an email, but I just wanted to thank you again for your package. It was so thoughtful of you to send all those beautiful goodies to me all the way over here in the US. Thanks so much.

    xoxo Gigi

  5. I'd like to see a photos of poor Danielle dud decorations.

    I always say a prayer for the people who spending Christmas less a loved one. The first Christmas with out someone is the toughest of all. Your friend will be in my thoughts on Christmas day.

    I love the perspective for the reflection in the Chrsitmas ball ball photo.

  6. Christmas decorations seem to have us all enthralled I love them adore them even. Liss I'll get a shot of some of them for you, and Lucas was our grandson who passed away earlier this year.


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