Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas soon upon us

My goodness I am such a tourist......haha i look at these photos and seriously I just wanna laugh and cringe too.  When Adrian & I went to England for Christmas last year, we met up with the girls who by this time had been gone for over 6 months.  We of course did a lot of London, well we thought we had done a lot until we went back in May this year and spent a week there and realised we had and still have only scratched the surface.  What a city it is.  So we of course did the red telephone box pictures, everyone does. 

This is my all time favourite, an absolute mistake that Ade took and I love it.  I think we look like we are trapped in there, sort of ghost like and trying to escape.  You can see Ade's hands holding the camera as well.  So cool.

We did the rounds of the old churches as well.  This is the Old Wool Church in the Cottswolds somewhere.  Sorry I just can't remember at the moment.  And it was cold, I mean freezing and it hadn't even snowed yet.  I think we might have been lucky it didn't actually even though we were soooooo hoping it would.  We missed the first fall by 12 hours oh well, maybe in France in May next year, fingers crossed.
We left on the 23rd December last year and arrived in the UK on the 24th, it was a long trip, boy was it long.  We really are down under you know. 

The Cottswolds I adored too, it is like a cluster of little story book villages, typically English and oh so cute, and old really old.  

This year it snowing already in London and everything is in chaos, I think we were lucky in a way, at least we got to stroll, briskly I might add around, Cambridge, which is snowed in at the moment and Oxford, Bath etc.,   While I long for a white Christmas, I have a feeling the idea is maybe better than the reality.

I am still trying to get into the Christmas spirit and with only 3 days to go I better get a wriggle on.  I actually have been in a bit of a funk for several months now, probably since Lucas passed away and last week I went to the doctors.  He tells me my Seratonin levels are depleted and has given me some medication to make it right.  I am not one for taking anything much, but I know I am not myself and I really don't want to stay like this much longer.  Hopefully things will be looking up shortly.  I went to visit Taban, Jane and the children today to organise a time on Thursday night to take in the Christmas lights display and to my great disappointment, they were on their way to Brisbane and won't be back until around the 30th December.  A relative has had some bad news from Sudan and the families are gathering to comfort each other.  So Christmas day will not be the same without visiting them this year.  The children were given their gifts from us today and of course couldn't wait until Friday to open them.  The 4 eldest got ipods and the younger 2 handheld games that are somewhat educational, and baby Kim a stroller and bay doll.  Such fun.  Kids just love Christmas.

Noble Pig posted this amazing looking recipe the other day, I am going to try and find a large wheel of Brie, I have yet to see one here, but I am looking if no luck I will just use two smaller ones, pop over and take a look, seriously doesn't it look delicious. 
So it is nearly Christmas day and I really want to wish youall the most wonderful, happy and blessed Christmas possible.  I have so enjoyed meeting you all and look forward to many more encounters in the future.


  1. oh i love the cotswolds! ages ago, i spent a very memorable two weeks caravaning there with friends.

  2. oh, i love baked brie - that does look completely delish.

    i'm hoping that you feel better soon. it is no fun being in a funk (for sure, i know).

    loved the tour of england - i wish i could visit there too. i would be a complete tourist.

  3. I have always wanted to go to England, and this post has given me a literal craving to book a trip. You just make it look like so much fun, I guess!

  4. What fun adventures you do have. In case I don't get by here tomorrow, and of course, it is highly unlikely, it being Christmas day and all. I wanted to wish you the happiest, the merriest, the laughingest Christmas you've ever enjoyed. Merry Christmas, my friend.


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