Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas movie fest

This time of year lends itself to a movie festival, a marathon of those wonderful, corny, predictable, weepy, happy, warm & fuzzy Christmas movies.  I started buying some a year or so back and I have a few now, some still unopened, one day I will actually have the movie marathon I envisage.  All this week the midday movie on the telly has been themed round Christmas, I have recorded them, not sure when I will actually sit and watch them umm!!! sometime before Christmas hopefully, or maybe after all the eating and visiting and unwrapping of gifts on Christmas Day, maybe!!  I really enjoyed Christmas with the Kranks, I could see Adrian and myself planning the big Christmas cruise, though I have never cruised and actually don't like the idea much, too much time on the boat and too confined I think.  I could see all the preparation happening and then us just going oh no we can't do this, what about the kids, I wanna be with the kids, yeah I know silly but Christmas is about being with the kids, even though the kids are growing up and making their own lives and don't necessarily want to be with us anymore.  I think I will struggle with some of these changes in our routines, the way we have done things before.  I never realised how much my mum and dad probably missed having my sister and I and then my children come and spend Christmas with them.  We used to do a roster thing where one year we were with Adrian's family, then one year with my mum and then one year with my dad.  So it would be at least two years between visits.  Then some years we just wanted to go away as a family and do our own thing, so we would head off to the beach for Christmas and see no one.  Arghhh they say you reap what you sow, maybe that is exactly what will happen in the coming years.  I don't want it to, I loved Christmas when the children were small, all the presents under the tree, all the early morning wake ups, really early morning, I have to admit I didn't really like that much.  I loved putting out the carrot for the reindeer and the cookie and milk and then beer for Santa.  I loved all the torn open paper littering the floor and all the squeals of excitement and the hours of trying to make things work, and being annoyed I forgot to buy enough batteries for whatever gadget they had received.  I loved the bon bons and the set table, glittering with gold covered chocolate coins.  I loved popping the little streamer bottles and wearing the hats.  I don't like change no not one little bit.

Back to the movies, It's a Wonderful Life, love it, Elf, so funny, kids favourite, The Holiday, a newie but a goodie, The Grinch Stole Christmas, different and I like it, Nativity Story, well there's no Christmas without it really, The Forgotten Toys and Prancer returns, yet to be watched, so I'll hold my verdict.  The Santa Claus is another favourite, I must look out for.  What's your favourite Christmas movie, do tell so I can add it to my little library?


  1. Well..I have missed all my adult life(after 19) w/ my parents..and it's never the same after that..
    But it's a different way:) Thank you:)

    I am starting over cycle w/ mine opening gifts.. then growing up and older..and now a new cycle and new lives..
    The difference?
    I know how short it is now.
    And ..there are no thoughts of us.. just of them..:)
    I like that.
    I like your idea of movies.. we did that too:)

    My favorites?
    It's A Wonderful Life~**
    Love Actually**
    The Holiday**
    The silly Christmas one w/ Chevy Chase..I did like that once:)*
    Holiday Inn**
    White Christmas**
    Miracle On 34th St..***

    And all our home movies:)*****

    Happy Holidays:)I also love what someone wrote me once..about Jesus being the Reason for the Holiday:)That still matters to me.

  2. a christmas story - hands down is my favorite, favorite.

  3. Oh, I love Elf and The Holiday! I'm a big fan of Love, Actually, too. Any of these puts me right into the Christmas mood. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season, my friend! xo Gigi

  4. I think I may have seen the Christmas Story only once, must go try and find it again, googled it and remembered it was funny. Elf how can you go past elf and Christmas on 34th Street I forgot that one. so many....

  5. Poo, I'm upset my comment here hasn't saved. You'll have to wait until my Christmas posting favourite this week to find out my Christmas movies.

  6. My fav is "It's a Wonderful Life" John likes the old version of "Miracle on 34th Street" :-) Love your blog!

  7. I adore "the Grinch" with Jim Carrey.
    "Christmas Vacation"
    And may I please add~ "You've Got mail" I mean I just love it so much, and
    xmas scenes are BLISS!


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