Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Hats

One of our family tradions has been to have the red hat photo taken, the number of hats started at 5 now is 11, yes the family has grown.  This is the first Christmas Alicia had at her house.  She'd been married 11 months this is December 25 2007.  By the way Paul is ducking down he is about 6feet 6inches I think or close to it anyway. 
They are just so darn cute together.  Totally made for each other, faults and all they just blend.  Since Lucas passed away, we have seen them just grow more and more in love.  I guess a tragedy can either make or break you and thank the Lord they grew together and not apart.  We knew, Alicia's dad and I, that they were going to be together, as little as a month after they met, we knew.  I asked Paul one day around the 4 week dating mark, why he thought they would marry.  Yes, even he knew that early on and his answer to me was, "I want to spend the rest of my life, every day with my best friend, I just want to be with Alicia every day for ever".  So ok all you mum's what do you think I did when he said that.......cry, smiled, blushed yep all of it.  We adore him.

He's the clown though, really quiet and then he can be very funny.  I am sure we totally overwhelmed him whe he first started coming round.  We talk, all of us, yeah everyone, well me I talk ok and the others try and get a word in, when I take a breath.  Paul is quiet, really quiet.  He has changed heaps in the past 3 years, since they have married, he will actually chat back at me now, quite funny too.

Now for a litttle more Christmas Trivia, just to keep to my task for the month...
Christmas Stockings..

According to legend, a kindly nobleman grew despondent over the death of his beloved wife and foolishly squandered his fortune. This left his three young daughters without dowries and thus facing a life of spinsterhood.

The generous St. Nicholas, hearing of the girls' plight, set forth to help. Wishing to remain anonymous, he rode his white horse by the nobleman's house and threw three small pouches of gold coins down the chimney where they were fortuitously captured by the stockings the young women had hung by the fireplace to dry.

Now that would be nice wouldn't it?  Waking up on christmas morning with a stocking full of gold, oooh lovely. 



  1. What a lovely post...lovely sentiments and me being a mom myself...I would love to hear those words be said to my daughter too!!

  2. What a cute family..You are blessed!!!

  3. I love the hats, you all look so happy! I am so glad that they managed to grow closer, they sound like a lovely couple. and with his answer how could anyone not like him. I had to laugh when you said you talk and they try to. Have a wonderful holiday season Kim.

  4. Your post about Paul and Alicia brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad the tragic events they have been through have brought them closer. You family seems fun, warm, loving, caring genuinely about each other.


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