Thursday, November 5, 2009

Apple & Ginger Crumble

You may remember that the delightful Christina from Soul Aperture sent me a Pay it Forward gift about a fortnight ago, last night I made the yummiest Apple and Giner crumble using the Apple Spice she sent me.  Oh the smell, it was absolutely divine.  I decided to add ginger at the last moment just because the scent of the spices made me think of winter and Chai tea and cloves, and Star Anise and ginger, ooohh I love that spicy fragrance. 
Ok so I may have added a little too much spice maybe, the jar said 1 to 2 teaspoons and it smealt so darn good i couldn't resist, so I added two.  Maybe next time I will just go with one, I loved it though so maybe I'll go two again.
A little crystalised ginger chopped into the apples and oh man you are in for a treat.
Pour over a little fresh cream and savour the smell and the taste oh man oh man I love food.
So Adrian and I are off the the Sunshine Coast for the weekend tomorrow afternoon.  I don't think I will get to blog for a few days, but hopefully I will get too take some good shots, it's nice to go away and get some new things to shoot.  And great excitement, we have just heard the airline we are flying to France with next May has some you beaut sale on and we are going to save about $1,300 on our tickets fantastic!!!!!  We have also ordered our Euros from the bank already and I am posting the cheque today to Rick Steve's so Vive la France, here we come.  I spent ages yesterday googling images of the towns and villages we will go to and man I am looking forward to this.  France is amazingly beautiful. 
The thunder is grumbling away outside the sky is getting really heavy and gray and I so hope we get some good rain, it has been stifling hot here the last few days.  Our puppies hate the thunder though and run about crazily. 
Better go before the lightning zaps the computer have a good weekend everyone.

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