Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What do you think??

I am amazed at the generosity of blogging friends.  They have commented and offered help since my little cry baby moment yesterday, when out of total frustration I posted my inability to get my header correct.  I think I have it better now what do you think?
My Simplicity post at Len.Us.Together is done too and I enjoyed that.  Remembering all the beach holidays we've taken with the girls, oh we had soooo much fun.  I can remember things that Danielle did to me on the rocks that I won't mention here for the sake of embarrassing myself and her.  But I am laughing so much right now, she was a naughty girl.  I remember the fish & chips from the store at Budds Beach and the seagulls flocking to steal our hot chips.  I remember camping at Yamba and counting 96 plus sea stars.  The storm clouds rolling in and the thunder rumbling and the tent being wet for 11 days. This is why I do not camp people!!!!  Well not anymore anyway.  I remember Adrian hiring the little aluminium fishing boats and loading all of us in, with the idea that we would love being out on the passage, catching fish.  Umm we did not catch fish, the wind came up we were scared we would drown, we were freezing and we all whinged till he steered us safely back to shore.  And he did this more than once!!!!  I remember Adrian skimming rocks, every holiday it was rock skimming competition time and he had to win.  We were not allowed to be better rock skimmers than him.

I remember hours of scouring rock pools and watching Ashleigh learn to surf on her first surf board, her only surf board.  We live on a mountain range, surfing is not a priority here.  I remember the smell of the tanning lotion, the red eyes from the salty water and the pool water.  I remember the pockets loaded with shells, so precious no matter how broken and weathered by the surf.  I can remember driving to the hinterland and roaming through the market towns, with rows of stores selling, crafts and arts.  I recall Danielle throwing up just after we drove into town, the winding road too much for her.  I vividly as would Adrian remember the hours and hours that we shopped in the huge shopping centre on Boxing Day.  Adrian sitting at the coffee shop reading the paper while his daughters try on outfits that need his approval.  Nothing too short, too low, too revealing, he was a strict fashionista and all our beautiful girls, knew he loved them and wanted nothing but the best for them.

So now years later, our twins have travelled the world on their own, making memories they will never forget.  Our first born has become a wife and mother and is making holiday memories of her own and Adrian and I are working on making new memories too.  I have to thank Christina at Soul Apeture for choosing Simplicity as the theme this week at Lens.Us.Together, it has brought such wonderful and funny memories to mind.  Isn't this why we just love blogging?


  1. HAHA, you still need to get Danielle back for that!! Make sure I am there when you do so I can watch. I remember hours of Rumikub and the best vegetarian spring rolls at coolum!

  2. I am loving the new look, and loving the photos. I liked the simplicity theme this week too. Take care and have an awesome day.

  3. Oh yes Ash, Rummikub how could I forget that and those spring rolls delicious I was so upset when they shop closed down, thanks for reminding me.

  4. Cinner, it is a lovely theme isn't it trust that it would be Christina the gorgeous doll for picking that.

  5. Last time I camped the car broke down and and a big gray kangaroo almost took out out tent. The time before that I found a brown snake in my tent. Needless to say I don't do the camping thing either.

    I smiled at Christina's simplicity theme too. I think it will make for an interesting read this week.


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