Friday, October 23, 2009

Sweet Surprise

Today I went to the cemetary to see Lucas's plaque.  Alicia told me a day or two ago it had come.  I wanted to see it, I didn't want to go, I wanted to go.  I went and I sat on the grass, grown over the dirt now and I cried.  My tears were bitter, angry, sad, so sad, lonely, I cried.  I wanted to scratch away the earth and find it was a dream, he was at home with his mummy and daddy, but no.  So I cried.  I came home puffy eyed and still teary and at the door was a blue and white carton.  Oh what a surprise, my pay it forward gift from Christina.  Sometimes things just happen at the right time.  I sniffled a little, wiped my eyes and opened my gift with a smile lifting my lips.  Oh sweet Christina...  a beautiful gift that arrived at just the right time.  Thank you, dear thank you.  I am going to frame your gorgeous print and funny how just today I thought I might make a hot and sweet apple crumble, so your Apple Pie Spice will be just right.  Such a beautiful card and a fabric square that I will put my thinking cap on to make something from.  And an apple sauce recipe yum!! Thak you again, your timing is impeccable.

Lovely Saturday
Ruth Bell Graham

There is no one left to walk with now
No small, warm hand within my own
And woods are less enchanting
When explored alone

For you my beautiful baby Lucas, I love you and miss you.


  1. Oh my .....I really do understand.. The poem is just right.
    I am glad a little ray of sunshine was at your door.
    I truly hope you are indeed blessed with a little hand to hold one day..and you will explore the woods accompanied .

  2. I am sitting here shedding a tear, I feel so sad for your loss and sadness. I love how honest you are about it! I am so glad Christinas package had arrived on that day. Very beautiful poem too. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. (((HUGS))). I'm so sorry. There's not much that can be said during times like this.

  4. oh honey, sometimes it is something like this that helps us get through the day, you are so right.

    sending warm thoughts

  5. I send your Lucas love. I send you prayers.
    I am so glad your package arrived, to add a smile to your day, my friend.

  6. Ah, shedding tears is a healing process too... love you...

  7. What a hard day for you Kim...I'm glad there was a little something just for you when you got home...
    Hugs Mandy


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