Friday, October 30, 2009


Ok so I am not crazy and I am not eccentric, well I don't think I am anyway, but I love these Blythe dolls.  I mean adore them.  I love their so cute faces and their cheeky little looks.  I think their fashion sense is so cool and they are really adventurous.  Umm sounding a little cuckoo here aren't I?   Seriously I discovered Blythe dolls through a scrapbooking site I visit and I had to have one.  So being the impulsive person that I am, I jumped on the net and for days, weeks really I scoured the earth for a Blythe I could afford to buy.  See these babies can be expensive. This site will give you all the info about them, how they came about, how long they have been around, 30 years I think etc. etc.  So if you want to go check them out.  But anyway I was searching all over for a place to buy one and they are not available at any store that I can find in Australia.  So ebay was my next port of call.  I bid on so many auctions, trying to get a customised one, where the face has been sanded and painted in beautiful natural ways with a little eye shadow etc, I tell you the Blythe fans are crazy about them.  But no way they were going for $100's of dollars, like 6 - 9 hundred dollars and some in the 1,000's I am not kidding you!!
There was no way my husband would still smile at me if I spent that much on a doll.  But I really wanted one by now, and every time I missed out on one, I just wanted one more.  Eventually I found this one and started bidding, I really wasn't expecting to get her and so one night just as I was about to go to sleep I made a last bid of now sit down ok, I bid $280US for her.  Seriously I did not expect that I would get her, every other time I had made sensible bids someone came and bid higher than me so I was getting a bit annoyed.  I just chucked that bid in thinking oh what the heck I woun't get her anyway so what does it matter.  As the next few days went by no one else bid and by the 3rd day I was getting a bit nervous.  Ummm hey someone out there just bid a dollar more than me ok.  I didn't really love the look of this Blythe, there are prettier one, cuter ones and funkier ones, but I thought she was ok.  I was telling the girls about it and they thought it was hysterical that I was going to pay abot $300Au for a doll.  I did not think it was so funny.  So obviously as you can see, no one bid and I got her.  Most Blythe owners name their dolls, I haven't come on remember I said I am not eccentric!! 

But lately I have thought that maybe I should call her something!!! Got any suggestions, seriously I have no idea and it feels really weird naming a doll at my age.  I actually got one because I have seen wonderful, weird photos taken using them.  So my excuse for this delving back into childhood is that I can practice photographing with her.  Do you believe me, I'm telling the truth.  So why then did I buy her three new outfits.  Yeah I did.  The little outfit she has on here is from an Etsy store in Germany.  The boots handmade by another Etsy seller in Hong Kong.  She came in a lovely dress and fur coat with a funky hat, cute really.  I got tired of seeing her looking all Coco Chanel so I had to get her a few funky little outfits. 

I'm beginning to think maybe I never really got over not being able to dress my girls anymore.  I did love shopping for them.  My goodness as I write this I am beginning to see I may have a problem here. Oh well one day I will have grandchildren and I can spoil them instead of a silly, sweet, cute, big eyed doll.
Anyway I am off to a Trivia afternoon today.  I hate trivia competitions myself, I was a total failure at Trivial Pursuit, I felt like such a dummy whenever I played that game.  Mine was sold at a garage sale several years ago and good riddance I say.  But these Trivia afternoons are very good fund raisers and we have them once a year to raise money for the Refugee Support organisation I worked at last year.  This is where I was introduced to Jane from a previous post and where I taught English to all the men and women (mostly women) who had recently come to Australia.  I am the Quiz Master today so that doesn't make me feel so bad.  I get to ask the questions instead of answer them.  Much better!!!!  So have a great day all and I'll be back soon.


  1. She is so cute..her long blonde hair and sense of fashion remind me of a wonderful beautiful lady I met..who is a Princess in Blog world..The last photo..:)

    I love her hair down..and she suits the little hats.

    Name picking? I will leave that to wittier people..but she looks French to me:)

    I agree a great subject to photo..One person on PBase I think..has a bear that travels with her for photos..This little friend will be great in France next yr!!

  2. M, She does suit the little hat doesn't she!? And I have always thought she looked French so maybe Monique would be a good name what do you think? That way you could come to France with us Ha ha!! She could become the tour mascot that would be cute!!

  3. Wow, I have seen these dolls but i didn't know they were that expensive.

    My daughter's suggestion for a name is Reina.


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