Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Be Spontaneous Are You Kidding Me !!!!

Post in the Japanese Gardens Toowoomba - says it all doesn't it.

I was just reading through some blogs, checking out what you're all doing and I came across Eva's it inspired me.  Well it challenged me really, because see she is writing about taking this road trip with no planning other than picking the direction out of a hat, and the travel time the same way.  If you knew me well, then right now you would be like yeah right never gonna happen for you girl.  I am an organisation freak.  I plan. I plan the date, the time we leave, the direction we go, how we go, how long we go for.  I book the hotel, I check the booking before we leave, I print off all the confirmation emails and I fold them neatly into my purse.  I check the bank account, I leave phone numbers for people, hey who knows what could happen out there right !  I hate really, really hate just getting in the car with no idea where we will end up.  I like really good accommodation, I hate cockroaches, mice, spiders, lumpy beds and smelly bathrooms.  I cannot stand finding someone else's hair on the bathroom floor or in the tub.  EEwww right now my skin is crawling yuk!  I have tried it once, yeah I really have I let my husband talk me into it.  We were heading off for a naughty weekend away together and I was happy enough to do the usual planning but he convinced me to just get in the car and we would find a place to stay.  It would be fine he promised me.  Yeah right I should have known better.  We headed in the right direction, towards the Gold Coast, I lived there as a teenager, it was fun then but now it's pretty touristy and pretty crowded.  I figured we would be driving through on the way to maybe Tweed Heads another nice coastal town or maybe even a little further down Byron Bay.  Now we have at least a 2 hour drive to just get to the Gold Coast and it's round about 4 hours maybe a little more or less to Byron Bay.  So when we drove right on past Byron I was getting a little worried.  We headed to Shaws Bay.  Nice little town where years before we had spent the night during our first holiday after we were married.  We had wandered around, stayed in a caravan (yeah don't ask me how I let that happen) and we had won 2 hot chickens in the Friday afternoon raffles in the local pub on the beach.  The locals glared at us as if we had taken the food from their childrens mouths so before we found ourselves being chased out of town, we hightailed it to the van and hid out with the chickens for dinner.  Now this was some 20 odd years before our supposedly naughty weekend adventure and suffice to say times have changed.  Caravan park still exactly the same but if Adrian thought I was getting romantic anytime soon in a van he was delirious.  We could not find any other overnight accommodation everything seemed to be weekly or longer rentals.  We eventually decided to head back to Byron and see what we could find there.  Well to be truthful it had been years since we'd been to Byron and I guess we or should I say He under estimated the surge in popularity the place is having.  It was about 4.30pm I had a migrane from stressing about where the heck we were going to spend the night, who said spontaniety is easy and fun, rubbish!!!! and we had no where to stay the place was totally booked out.  Actually hotel owners were laughing at us when we would ask if they had a room, roll on the floor laughing, see this is why I book ahead.  Someone suggested this little resort on the way out of town and as we head towards it we realise it is out of town, miles out of town and not on the beach side of town either but in the scrub, did I say miles out of town.  So we keep driving and eventually we come across a Club Med tucked way in the sand dunes.  It used to be a huge camping ground back in the days when families took vanning holidays together, and camp grounds were run like the one in Dirty Dancing with lots of activities happening.  It had been bought out by the Club Med group and it was now a whole stack of little cabins, beautiful walks, push bikes to hire, a circus school where you could learn to trapeze and a restaurant.  We were able to get a cabin, some food, something to drink and an asprin. Remember the headache! So in the end it was ok, except neither of us had brought swimmers or hats and our walk into the town along the beach, the next day turned us into little red lobsters who couldn't get in the water.  Funny!  So as I say when I read Eva's post about this no planning road trip, I am envious, excited, totally freaking out and I want to do it.  What did I just say am I serious, how could that have come out of my mouth.  But I do want to do it.  Probably not starting here in Toowoomba, because to drive for 1 hour in any direction here really gets you no where, 2 hours well not too bad but nothing to exciting so maybe we head to say Brisbane and go from there.  Hmm interesting will I risk it?  See this is the exciting thing about blogland, you get to live vicariously through other people, you get brilliant ideas about how to spend your weekends, you get to drool over other peoples brilliant cooking efforts and then try them yourself.  Oohh i love blogland and am I up to the challenge ummm let me think about it.  I could probably google a few places, just to see what's out there you know, make a few tentative bookings you know just in case.  Am I alone in this are you all really spontaneous people and I am the only totally freaky control nut?  Tell me how do I change this or do I even try.  Aahh well I'll dream a little anyway.


  1. I could be more spontaneous:)I know I have it in me:)

  2. ooh me too it's just doing it isn't it and that's a silly thing to say of course its just doing it. ha ha


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