Monday, August 17, 2009


So Hi to everyone who might stumble across my blog. I hope you like it, no I hope you love it. I just want a place to talk to you, to share with you, to laugh and cry and argue and debate the things that make our lives interesting. And first cab off the rank,

  • Movie Songs

Yeah those songs that seriously make you jump up and just dance when you hear them. They make you sing out loud, out of tune and most of the time the wrong words. We all have the songs and the movies that do that to us. Like on Sunday night we watched Mama Mia and who doesn't know every Abba song in that movie!! Well as it turns out I don't oops so I just sing out loud the wrong words, who cares I'm having a ball and the teenage daughters are going nuts. And my next fav sing along is from My Best Friend's Wedding you know which one don't you, yep sitting in the restaurant, cracking those crabs or lobsters and they all start singing "Say a Little Prayer" I love it, love it love it. So tell me what's your favourite sing out loud, out of tune movie song?

I want to share some pictures with you too, pictures that talk about my family, the things that make me happy, the pictures that stir memories. We all have them, those pictures that can bring back even the smell of the ocean, the feel of the salt on our skin, the sting of the sunburn, the laughter of the holiday. That's what this picture does for me. A late afternoon walk on the beach with my husband and two of my three daughters. I love pictures of people walking. I love to imagine what they were talking about, where they intended to go, did they actually get there? Were they in a hurry or just wandering...I wonder.

So until next time take a walk, sing some songs out of key and loudly......have funxx


  1. I love the beach and family photos too:)Great shot!

  2. Thanks, I especially love these behind pics, don't know what it is but they get me....


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